External Rendering

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we offer a range of different textures and exterior wall finishes.

External Rendering

The exterior of your home is the first thing that any visitors or potential buyers will see, so making sure it has impressive appeal is vitally important.
Improving or changing the exterior of your home is an effective way to add value to your property and adding rendering is one of the most cost-effective ways of achieving this.

What Is Rendering?

External rendering is a coating applied to the external walls of a building which will provide a protective coating, providing protection from rain penetration and damp from occurring. If you own a house without a cavity in the walls, an external render will improve its thermal performance resulting thicker and warmer walls.

In addition, it acts as a decorative finish to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a building.

At Roofing Repairs Edinburgh, we can offer you a range of different textures and exterior wall finishes, from smooth to coarse. We can even apply brick effect render where a more traditional look is required.

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When might you need external rendering?

  • As part of an overall refurbishment scheme
  • To improve the insulation of external walls
  • When wall cavities are bridged or blocked, and cavity insulation cannot be carried out
  • To enhance the appearance of a property
  • Where installing internal insulation would be disruptive or make rooms too small
  • When greater thickness of insulation of required when it cannot be achieved internally

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