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Full tile roofing installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Highly Skilled

We provide a range of high-quality tiling products – choose from natural or man-made, plain or decorative, interlocking or hanging. 

Your new tiled roof needs to withstand harsh Scottish winter weather conditions, which is why we only use the most durable materials and installed by highly skilled tradesmen


We offer a complete range of diverse and quality materials, including:

  • Natural and Man-Made Tile
  • Clay or Concrete Tiles
  • Interlocking Concrete or Decorative Hanging Tiles
  • Slate Roofing

Quality above the rest

There are many different types of tiles made from various materials and available in a range of shapes and sizes, colours and finishes. One of the key constraints of your roof design is the planning system which requires that new and refurbished roofs reflect traditional and local styles. Many manufacturers create hybrids that have added benefits whilst being respectful of design requirements. 

Not only does your new roof need to form a watertight layer to keep your home warm and dry, it also needs to aesthetically enhance your property for decades to come.

20 years expreience

Roofing tile range

  • Clay roof tiles
  • Concrete roof tiles
  • Slate roof tiles
  • Lightweight roof tiles
  • Interlocking roof tiles
  • Reclaimed roof tiles

Expert Advice

Choosing the right tile will be affected by several factors and will need to be decided at the design stage. Your local planning authority will require your roof to be in keeping with the local vernacular – and may need to approve samples depending on the property type. 

The pitch (the sloping angle) and roof design are important factors. Clay tiles are suitable for roof pitches as low as 15° whereas slate is only suitable down to 25°. Interlocking slates or tiles in manmade materials such as fibre or concrete can also offer an alternative on low pitches.

The chosen roof type will need to marry well with the wall cladding and joinery. 

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